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Our Staff

Min Kit Lam_edited.jpg
Minister Kit Lam
Pastor Kit is a church planter, preacher, and mentor who has felt deeply humbled to participate in numerous community outreach over the years. He completed his studies at Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) and feels blessed to engage in preaching, prayer ministry, spiritual formation, and holistic development.  His vision for Boon Church is to foster an inclusive community where everyone is cared for and has the opportunity for spiritual and personal growth.  He has been married to his wonderful wife, Elise, for over thirty years and is the blessed father of three loving daughters.  Outside of his pastoral duties, he finds joy in cooking, gardening, and playing the guitar.
Minister Miranda Liang 
Minister Miranda Liang was born in China, and has immigrated to the United States at 1982. She accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior in 1998 and was called by the triune God to enter into full-time ministry.  She received a Master of Divinity degree(2009) from Overseas Theological Seminary.  Min. Liang joined the pastoral staff of Boon Church of OCM in May 2018.  In ministry, her focus is on preaching, teaching, discipleship, and pastoral caring.
Stacy Chou_edited.jpg
Minister Stacy Chou

Min. Stacy was born and raised until 11 years old in Myanmar, and was baptized in 1983.  She was called to go to South Asia in 2015. She was thankful for the opportunity to join His work and His purpose in Asia until the end of 2019.  God brought her back home to New York to be healed and supported by her family because, in His sovereignty, the Pandemic and health challenges were the next chapters of her life.  Although her life has been challenging, through the years she has seen the blessing, sovereignty, and faithfulness of God.   Throughout her journey of faith, Stacy has loved to share Jesus’ deep love, truth, grace, forgiveness, and faithfulness to all who He brought in her path. 

Stacy received her degrees in Business, B.S. (Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY) and Master of Divinity (Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY).

Pastor Yu Tsai Sun 
Pastor Yu Tsai Sun born in Suiping, Henan and he believed in the Lord in Taiwan. He was called to serve the Lord at the age of thirty-five, and now he is still serving God even though he is retired. 
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