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Chinese School

Boon Church Chinese school has a history of 30 years.  It has its pinyin basic class, 1st grade to 8th grade.  Use textbooks from the college of Chinese language and culture of Jinan university, and skillful teachers.

Fall semester 9/16/23 - 1/27/24
Registration Hours at church office:
Sat. 10am - 12pm
Sun. 12pm - 2pm 
Any inquire please contact:
   917-388-0197 (Amy)  
415-939-0341 (Tina)


Learn to speak Mandarin.


Learn to write simplify Chinese.


Learn to read Chinese through Pinying.


Learn about Chinese culture.

 Contact us if you are interested in joining our Chinese school.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Boon Church Chinese School: 2023 First Semester Calendar


9/16/23           1st week of school     Back to school day

9/23/23           2nd week of school

9/30/23           3rd week of school

10/7/23           Columbus Day             No school

10/14/23         4th week of school

10/21/23         5th week of school

10/28/23         6th week of school

11/4/23           7th week of school

11/11/23         8th week of school      Midterm exam

11/18/23         9th week of school      12:00pm Teacher Parent Meeting

11/25/23         Thanksgiving                No school

12/2/23           10th week of school

12/9/23           11th week of school

12/16/23         12th week of school    Christmas celebration

12/23/23         Christmas                      No school

12/30/23         New Year                       No school

1/6/24             13th week of school

1/13/24           14th week of school

1/20/23           15th week of school     Final exam

1/27/24           16th week of school     Semester ends

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