Say not in grief that “he is no more” but say in thankfulness that he was.

A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come.


  1. Pastor Scott,

    Thanks for teaching us a precious lesson of how to worship and stick to faith at the very lowest moment of life. We believe that you are with God our father in heaven and you may enjoy the heavenly peace for eternity. “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.” You said “we are heading for the same place”, and yes, that’s where all of us who have faith in Him will meet for ever. Amen!

  2. Erma Bombeck, a columnist and writer once wrote, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’” Scott definitely lived his life in this way; he used all that God had given him and continually poured into others everything he had — up until the very end.

    I have known Scott for as many years as he had been serving at Boon church, so I have had the privilege of getting to know him a little bit. In general, you could say Scott was a pretty good guy; he loved his family – took care of his mother and also took care of his sometimes seemingly crazy cat; he loved his Sci-fi shows; his board games and of course his good eats. He always seemed to have a smile on his face, was good natured, pretty kind and carried a simple life, yet his life was about so much more.

    A few years back, I went on a short term missions trip to Japan with Scott and another sister from Boon. There was a day when we had the opportunity to explore Otaru, a city about 45 minutes out from Sapporo. Scott was our fearless leader of course and led the way. Now, those who have traveled with Scott before will know that he never left home without his GPS. It was his life line to finding places and without it, well let’s just say things tended to become adventurous. This was true of that day. For hours, we walked up and down snow filled blocks, made lefts and rights and many about faces while facing blizzard like conditions at many points of the day. To say the least, I experienced strong emotions throughout the ordeal. I was grumpy and was extremely frustrated being lost, cold, tired and hungry. Yet through it all, I remember Scott with a smile on his face saying, “God’s so good! He brought these complete strangers to help us find our way. That was so nice of that guy to walk us down the icy block and that other guy who pulled out his cell phone in the middle of the snowstorm to make sure he was giving us the right directions.” I just looked at him amazed. Through adversity and trials Scott always remembered Christ.

    He wasn’t just a good guy, a caring son, a brother, a husband and a friend but he was a man of God. He loved God with all his heart, soul mind and strength and loved others through his words and actions. Through the good times and bad, he was always joyful, always thankful and always giving praise to our Heavenly Father. Over the years he has shown me what it means to lay down one’s life to serve others. He has forever imprinted on my heart what it means to be faithful, and has given me a deeper understanding that God’s grace is sufficient for us, and his power is made perfect in weakness.

    In the book of Revelations 21 it says:
    God shall wipe all tears from their eyes;
    and there shall be no more death, nor crying,
    neither shall there be any more pain:
    for the former things are passed away.

    Although I will miss Scott dearly, I know we shall one day meet again and that he is at peace, in a place where there is no more suffering, pain nor crying.

    A few weeks ago Scott expressed his 2 goals for the congregation at Boon Church within the “Boonie of the Week” insert. I believe he would’ve shared the same sentiments to all believers here. These words truly embody Scott’s life and I would like to leave them with you all: “What goals do you have for Boon?”

    “To be a Gospel centered church, full of grace to others, seeking truth and learning to love as God Himself taught us to love through Christ.
    To Understand that, as God’s people, you are forgiven and made holy. So you are a holy church, set apart to glorify God through what you say and do through the transforming power of the Spirit at work in you. (you don’t have to “feel” holy to understand that you are made holy by the blood of Christ.)”

  3. ​I got to know Pastor Scott about 6 years ago after serving with him on the summer retreat committee at Boon where I also met his future wife Lili. From that moment on, I was blessed to experience all the amazingness, uniqueness, and awesomeness Pastor Scott was. He was a rock for Boon Church, a man of steel, a mentor and friend to all of us and someone we all looked up to, always positive and always joyful in all circumstances demonstrated by his faith in God.

    ​About 3-4 years ago Pastor Scott asked me to teach HS Sunday School and at the time I didn’t realize how much impact it would change our relationship by agreeing to do so. Some of the best things in life come unexpected. So, there was about 30 min between the end of Sunday school and when service started and for about a year and a half I would show up and knock on Pastor Scott’s door and he always welcomed me with a smile. For 15 min, we shared about life, my crazy and wacky ideas and plans for Sunday school and other ideas on how to connect and encourage my students to take action and serve the church. It was always a good time.

    ​It was easy to share with Pastor Scott because he always was supportive. He said Just be me and that he always had my back and everything will turn out fine. He always was smiling, sometimes a classic Scott mischievous smile when he got excited about one of my wacky plans to create an army of minions. Most of all though he always listened and made time even though he was so busy and stretched at church. At times these 15 min were the highlight of my week because these conversations brought me joy and laughter. The awesome part about God is how he can connect someone like Pastor Scott and I, two people with uncommon hobbies and interests and develop a real meaningful relationship. I am truly thankful for that and know that many people at Boon feel the same way.

    ​When we lose someone physically, we immediately think of the loss and grieve, rightfully so… However when we reflect, we are reminded there is a little bit of the person in us. There is a bit of Pastor Scott in each of us that will carry through and with us as each one of us continues our journey in life.

    ​Thank you pastor, brother, and friend for all that you have done, I know this is not good bye, but see you later. ​​

  4. Pastor Scott was faithful. He was loving, honest, happy, caring, Godly. He loved others. He loved his church and his congregation and would always put others before himself.

    I still remember one Sunday when Scott had decided to give the praise team a rest and lead Sunday worship. Now to put it in the nicest way, Scott was not exactly the singer type. But, that day he got up in front of the congregation, with the old school hymnal book in his hand, he sang his favorite hymns- a cappella style. Even thought his musical talent was lacking, his love for God and his people were not. Scott cared so much for each of us that it didn’t matter how much humiliation or embarrassment he felt just as long as his people were okay.

    Scott was not only a great pastor and committed to his church, he was also a great friend, he walked alongside me, giving me encouragement and always pointing me to God. Seven years ago, I quit my job — I was unhappy, I felt I should have more power in what I do. When I shared this with Scott, He said “you probably don’t want a job that holds too much power” and then somewhere somehow he managed to slip in his favorite Spiderman quote “with great power comes great responsibility” and that’s Scott, he always got the ability to make you feel comfortable and laugh. He continue telling me that rather than worrying too much about what the future hold, why not use this time and energy to serve God better and He told me there’s a teacher’s position at Boon Church’s Vacation Bible School – So I served at VBS that summer and I was reminded of God’s greater plan and His goodness. During my time at VBS, God answered my prayer and gave me more than what I was asking for- A clear goal in life and a girlfriend (who is my wife today)

    Scott, Thank you for everything, you will be missed brother- We will always remember your laughter, your constant smile, your positive attitude, your encouragement and your challenge to us – to live each moment of our lives glorifying God.

  5. To be honest, when I first met Scott, I never expected me to be so affected by him. Honestly, with his sci-fi analogies and corny jokes, I never found him to be super relatable, especially since I met him when I was a young adolescent. Now many would say I’m a pretty outgoing, positive person who is quite sure of herself. However, I’ve always struggled with many, MANY insecurities and never felt like I was worthy enough or good enough to do anything. If I had never mentioned this, most people would never know this about me – I could’ve gone through life with my positive facade and negative interior and no one would ever know.

    For some reason though, I felt comfortable talking to Scott. I never quite understood why but I just felt like Scott was the right person to talk to. Countless times over the years, I’ve gone to Scott for advice about many different topics – for example, this may sound weird but I used to go to Scott for advice about relationships…before he was ever in a relationship. Obviously, Scott was no expert but Scott proved to be not only a great listener, but a great advice giver. He didn’t always have a definite, right answer that told me exactly what I needed to do in a given situation (which is what I actually wanted). If anything, he answered my questions and concerns with pretty much the same thing:

    “Seek out God’s will and it will be the right choice. And even if you don’t make the right decision, God still loves you. It’s not your actions that defines your worth – it’s the blood of Jesus that defines your worth.”

    It was this advice that transformed me to who I am today. It’s the reminder of forgiveness, salvation, and love that made me realize the true meaning of the Gospel. This advice was clearly manifested in the way Scott lived his life – despite all the struggles and pain, he never let that define who he was – he always defined himself as a servant and child of God. It was the same answer every time but I guess, I just needed someone to remind me. Although, I can no longer physically hear him tell me this advice, I will keep it in my heart and pass it along to others who may have been going through the same thing and who just needs someone to tell them “you are loved”. Thank you for your constant encouragement and love Scott and I look forward to reuniting with you in the future! Also happy early birthday – I hope they have lots of fried chicken and cheesecake up there for you!

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